Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring cleaning might seem like a daunting task, but with a little love, your home will be looking brand new! Spring cleaning is essential to a happy and healthy home. From the bedrooms to bathrooms, to the living room, use this checklist to tackle every room in your home. 

Home Maintenance
Change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
- Check all electronics and make sure they are working properly and plugged into a surge protector.
- Check the expiration date on your fire extinguisher.

Porch and Patio
Power wash surfaces
- Wash outdoor furniture
- De-grime screens
- Plant flowers

Wash all bedding and pillows
- Flip mattress
- Clean out under the bed
- Organize closets and drawers
- Dust
- Mop/Vacuum floors

Clean and disinfect tub and shower
- Wash bathmats and towels
- Dust and clean sink and toilet
- Wash or replace shower liners and shower curtains
- Organize medicine cabinet/drawers

Clean out pantry
- Wash kitchen cabinets
- Deep clean the oven
- Move the fridge- mop and vacuum behind it
- Deep clean fridge and get rid of unwanted food
- Clean countertops

Laundry Room
Clean dryer vents
- Clean inside of washing machine
- Wipe down iron
- Tidy up shelving

Every Room
Wash baseboards
- Dust blinds, windowsills, doors, and walls
- Wash windows, inside and out
- Replace light bulbs
- Wash drapes and blinds
- Mop and vacuum floors

When it comes to spring cleaning, be realistic. Go at your own pace. It’s not a race after all. Your reward will be an uncluttered, clean, and healthy home for yourself, and a feeling of accomplishment and pride. This guide should help you accomplish all the rooms in your home, plus the spaces you forgot about!